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Evolutionary Science in a Nutshell

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imgsrv.gocomics.comNon Sequitur (June 1)

imgsrv.gocomics.comNon Sequitur (June 3)

With all due apologies to Mr. Wiley Miller (as I’m not sure as to his original intent with these cartoons) I can’t help but posit them here for your consideration.  It seems to me that this is the sort of charge leveled against those who adhere to Intelligent Design … or worse yet … to full fledged Creationism.  But I think that it would surprise many to find that there are many genuine scholars in these camps who would love dearly to be able to debate the science behind evolution on purely scientific terms.  They are routinely (and summarily) dismissed, however, on the simple grounds that nothing supernatural may be connected in any way to the discussion of evolution … even if it is only the worldview behind the scientific inquiry being done … or else it is no longer science.) In other words, if you will not discuss science from our preconceived notions, then you are not truly discussing science at all … and we don’t have to listen.

Yet where is the scientific danger of asking if sedimentation, layering, and canyon forming have all been observed to have happened in hours and days … why do we insist on millions of years for these processes?  Diamonds and coal can both be formed in a lab (using natural processes) in a matter of days … again, why are millions of years still assumed necessary?  How do polystrate fossils fit in to a long age hypothesis of sedimentation and fossilization?  What about the viable dinosaur tissue that is supposed to be some 65 million years old?  How can such a thing be?  What about the fact that every single instance of natural selection that we have been able to observe has actually come about due to a loss of genetic information, rather than an addition of said genetic material needed as a basis of the evolutionary process?

There are plenty of other genuinely (and solely) scientific questions which bear discussion for the sake of the science alone, but with a long age, evolutionary preconception, I fear that such discussion will continue to be summarily dismissed for the simple reasoning that some people have already decided that evolution can’t be wrong … so don’t waste your breath you religious nut.


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