Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

Reading The Good Book

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For many books do not make men learned, nor does much reading. But reading something good, and reading it frequently, however little it may be, is the practice that makes men learned in the Scripture and makes them pious besides. – Martin Luther.

Read any good books lately? How about THE Good Book?

We all have good intentions, don’t we? I know I should read more … Read more widely … Read more authors, more subjects, current events, sociology, science, history. You probably do to.  But it doesn’t always happen. That new book you know you “should” read sits there gathering dust, while that book you’ve already read calls to be picked up again.

I may never get around to reading that new book on the history of Islam, or the politics of relativism. But I know I will read “The Lord of the Rings” again.  Just as I have nearly every year since I was 10. Your book may be different, but the reasons for going back to it again and again are not. Each time you pick it up again you are delighted with something different, suprised by something new. The more you read it the more you find in it. The more it takes root all the way down into your heart and mind and imagination. It is a book that has grown with you (or rather you have grown in it!) and you are a better person for it.

Such is the Bible … but even more so. It may be that book you have long known you “should” read. It may be the book you have tried to read more than once, but maybe found too hard, or dull, or unsettling to finish.

It can be all those things. It is after all a book of many books. Some parts will be easier for you and some not so much. But if you read it, you will find it begins to take root in your heart and mind and imagination. It will begin to shape your life and your outlook. It will grow every time you read it … or rather your understanding of it will. And with it so will you!

It’s never too late to begin. Here at my congregation we have begun reading through the whole Bible together. If you have been following my tweets (see “Here’s a Thought” to the right) you will see that we have just finished the book of Genesis.  But it is never to late to begin!  Join me in making time for the Bible everyday. Let’s work together through the long, or dull, or difficult parts, and see where it takes us! Let it become the one book we keep going back to over and over again. The one Book, with more to find, more to apply, more to rejoice in. The one book that truly makes us learned!


Author: kenmaher

When I'm not working I enjoy Astronomy, Camping, Comic Books, Epic Fantasy Novels, Games (both playing and designing), Hiking, Juggling, Sci-fi, and building strange things out of pvc pipe. I also enjoy being an honorary pre-schooler with my four great children ... much to their mother's dismay.

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