Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

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On a Dark, Dark, Night …

95 thesesThe sun had long since hidden its face from the world. The streets of the town were deserted but for a lone figure. The cobblestones echoed with his hurried footsteps. This was no night for a person to be out alone. Evil was about. This was a night of spirits, murder and mayhem. The large black shadow of a building loomed ahead. Determinedly, the man set his shoulders and went straight for his goal. He had started this endeavor in great anger. That anger had now cooled some, but he knew that he must go through with his intentions. With a short intake of breath he steeled himself for the unpleasant task ahead. Staying close to the side of the tall building the man had only to travel a short distance before he came to an old and well-worn door. He stopped. Taking a short breath, the man reached for the door with one hand while he raised the other above and behind his head. The cold gleam of metal could be seen in the moonlight …

Tonight marks one of the pivotal moments in Church history – perhaps even human history. Tonight is the night when in 1517, a lowly monk nailed 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg. They were meant to begin a debate over the sale of indulgences in Christ’s Church. What they did was start a reformation. From the small spark on this night a bright flame called the Holy Gospel would soon reignite the hearts and minds of people world-wide.

Find out for yourself what the big deal was. Follow the link below and read them for yourself.

Luther’s 95 Theses

Then why not have a look at this Article by Ian Adnams to see where it has all led since then.

After 492 Years

May you have a blessed Reformation!