Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

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All The Good Stuff!

At the Maher household we are quickly approaching the season of Birthdays. It is a busy, but joyous time for our family. Birthday celebrations are a topic of increasing regularity and importance in our home. What kind of party would you like this year? Who will you invite? How many guests are we allowed? What would you like to eat? What activities would you like to do?

Birthdays are important events …  just ask my children. The celebration of life, the marking of milestones, the giving and receiving of gifts, fellowship and food – all the good stuff – it’s all there! So when was the last time you got really excited (little kid excited) about your birthday? When was the last time you made plans to really go all out and celebrate it?

What about the Church? Every year right around this time we mark one of the high festivals of the Church year … Pentecost. It is the story of the Birthday of the New Testament Church. And what a birthday it is! Life, gifts, fellowship – all the good stuff – its all there!

When was the last time the church got excited (little kid excited) about celebrating her birthday? What kind of party will we have? The very best kind. (The Divine Service) What kinds of activities will we do? The very best kind. (Sing, pray, rejoice, receive) What kind of food will we eat? The very best. (The Lord’s own Body and Blood) How many guests are allowed? (How many can you bring?) Who will you invite?

What would happen if we stopped looking at what we do here in church as just another chore, and started looking at it like children look at their birthday celebrations? Why don’t we find out …